Web Design, Hosting, and Email consulting

You’ve heard the horror stories: Technically unskilled business owner loses the rights to everything after hiring a shady technical consultant.

On the other hand you have the business owners who try to do everything themselves. Running a small business means wearing a million different hats, and troubleshooting the domain name service, hosting, and security of your website takes a lot of time away from marketing, sales, and customer service.

Our packages give you the power to control your data while still offering the reliability of a professional technician.

Choose to host your website with us, or use our affiliate and referral relationships to get discounts on web hosting and email service.

G Suite Administration

You want to use Google’s secure network, strong authentication, cross-platform compatibility, and the short time to train new staff that comes with a universally recognized product.

We help you set up your own G Suite account, and will help you select configure tools for team collaboration, project management, scheduling, and more.

Mobile App, API, Widgets, and Integration

You’ve probably read about Google’s Mobile First initiative. Website that haven’t taken mobile requirements into account will lose important ranking status.

Meanwhile, more and more of your potential customers are searching on their phones while on the go. Sites that aren’t optimized for mobile, as well as companies that don’t have their own apps, will be left behind in the race for these valuable customers.

General Consulting:

Are you confused by technical jargon or the latest software in your industry? Have you heard of companies having a SaaS stack, but aren’t sure what that means? Is the Cloud something you need to worry about?

Are you tired of creating a 21st century business using 20th century technology?

We can help…